CRT TV Repair

crt-tv repairA cathode ray tube consists of several basiccomponents, as illustrated below. The electron gun generates anarrow beam of electrons. The anodes accelerate the electrons.Deflecting coils produce an extremely low frequency electromagnetic field that allows for constant adjustment of the direction of the electron beam.There are two sets of deflecting coils: horizontal and vertical.(In the illustration, only one set of coils is shown for simplicity.) The intensity of the beam can be varied. The electron beam produces a tiny, bright visible spot when itstrikes the phosphor-coated screen.

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7 Most Common Problems with CRT TV

  • CRT television has no image.
  • Bowed picture or images not lined up.
  • CRT displays one horizontal line in the center when turned-on.
  • Single vertical line in the center of screen.
  • CRT TV crackles when powered up or emits a strong electrical odor.
  • Colorful shadows on the sides.
  • Bad sound or no sound from the TV

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